CROSS TALK Product Story

Inspired by Professional Clinic's science-based approach to formulation development, DR ZERO's "Redenical Series" is created to solve hair problems scientifically. We interviewed Ms. Okano the R&D Senior Manager, as well as Mr. Dai the Director of Laboratory.

  • Ms. Okano
    R&D Senior Manager
    Ms. Okano
  • Mr. Dai
    Director of Laboratory
    Mr. Dai

First of all, please tell us about the background to the birth of the DR ZERO brand.

Ms. Okano

Hair is an important factor that influence the impression a person leaves, a new haircut or color can make a big difference to one’s overall appearance.Despite knowing so, many are still concerned, and may express “I wish it could be like that style”, “I want to do more” (“I want more volume”?) and so on. As we get older, hair thickness/density, shine-related concerns, as well the number and kinds of concern change.

However, it was a struggle to find products which could solve those hair concerns. So, we thought we should develop such hair care products. Besides, as it has become many people’s habit to wash their hair daily, we wanted to develop products that can positively impact people’s daily life. With that in mind, we created the DR ZERO brand.

What are the characteristics of DR ZERO's Redenical Series?

Mr. Dai

In general, hair care products often target common hair concerns such as “moisturizing care”, or “damage care”, but Redenical Series does not aim to just solve a single hair concern, it also aims to address issues such as hair dryness, excess sebum, hormonal imbalance, and rhythm disorder. We developed product formula based on knowledge of men and women’s respective hair characteristics.

In addition, just like good quality soil is essential to grow healthy flowers and trees, a healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair growth. Therefore, we use Redensyl, a scalp care ingredient that is attracting considerable global attention for its result in improving overall scalp and hair condition.

Why separated into men and women versions?

Mr. Dai

I think in reality, many families share and use the same shampoo. But if you think about “scalp and hair” on a deeper level, gender differences do exist, men and women have different scalp and hair characteristics, therefore different needs and concerns. That is why I think it is necessary to develop separate forumala, catering to men and women's respective needs.

Why did you add Redensyl to the formulation?

Mr. Dai

Many people wash their hair daily, so we were looking to develop products that could be used with a peace of mind, such as plant-derived ingredients. As mentioned earlier, Redensyl is attracting considerable global attention, it has won Silver Award at one of the world's largest cosmetics exhibition "in-cosmetics ™" etc., therefore its safety and efficacy have surely garnered recognition. In addition, while Redensyl moisturizes and nourishes both scalp and hair, it also tackles hair problems. It strikes a balance between “defense” and “attack”, making it an ideal active ingredient.

About Redenical Series, who is it made for?

Ms. Okano

Perhaps for those who have troubles with styling their hair, and those who find their current hair lacking volume. Instead of giving up entirely by concluding that all hair problems are due to aging, one could consider that problems may be caused by the scalp condition. As a healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair growth. Redenical Series’ formulation focuses on hair, as well as the scalp. We recommend people to rethink hair care with Redenical Series.

As a Product Development Researcher, please tell us what do you value and place importance on?

Mr. Dai

We place the utmost importance on allowing customers to experience the product benefits, and see desirable results. With a particular focus on benefits for customers, from the finish and texture of products, to the overall user experience and fragrance choice, we research each step in the effort to deliver great products. Product safety and reliability are at the heart of our products, so we absolutely do not compromise on that front.

At last, feel free to share a message with the users and potential customers.

Ms. Okano

Nowadays, there is abundant information and easily accessible as well, I think people are searching more than ever for products that best suit them. We, the DR ZERO team, will continue to research, address and develop products to solve more hair problems, with the hope that you could find the exact kind of product you need.